How to Tell If It’s a Plugged Sewer or Septic Issue

How to Tell if It's a Plugged Sewer or Septic Issue

Recognizing Common Symptoms with A. Maurais & Son Inc. When faced with plumbing problems, it’s essential to differentiate between a plugged sewer and a septic issue in Jay, ME. Recognizing common symptoms is the first step. A plugged sewer often leads to slow drains, gurgling noises, and multiple fixture backups throughout your home. In contrast, […]

The Importance of Having Heat Tape for Your Mobile Home in Maine

The Importance of Having a Heat Tape for Your Mobile Home

Prevent Frozen Pipes and Costly Repairs with A. Maurais & Son Inc. Maine can experience frigid winters, putting your mobile home at risk of frozen pipes. This can lead to burst pipes and expensive repairs. Heat tape is an indispensable tool for preventing this problem. It wraps around your pipes, providing a gentle, consistent source […]

The Importance of Scheduling Your Plumber First for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Kitchen remodeling

A. Maurais & Sons, Inc. Looks at Plumbing’s Vital Role in Remodeling Planning kitchen and bathroom remodels is an exciting endeavor that can transform your living space into a dream come true. However, to ensure a successful remodel, it’s essential to prioritize your plumbing needs from the start. A Maurais & Sons, Inc., your trusted […]

Keep Your Home Safe from Freeze-Ups While You’re Away

Home temperature monitoring to protect your home from freezing

A Maurais & Sons, Inc. Urges Homeowners to Prevent Freeze-Ups It’s spring now, but when the winter season in Maine arrives later in 2024, homeowners often have concerns about freeze-ups, especially when they are away from home. Freeze-ups can lead to costly plumbing and heating system damage, leaving you with a headache and a hefty […]

Yearly Heat Pump Service: A Must for Optimal Comfort

Yearly Heat pump service

The Versatile Heat Pump: Your Year-round Comfort Solution Heat pumps are remarkable HVAC systems that offer both heating and cooling capabilities. Their energy efficiency and versatility make them popular choices for homeowners. To ensure your heat pump continues to deliver efficient and reliable performance throughout the seasons, annual servicing is crucial. At A Maurais & […]

Heating System Maintenance: The Key to Cozy Winters

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Ensure Optimal Performance and Efficiency with A. Maurais and Son Inc. When winter’s chill sets in, your heating system becomes your best friend, ensuring a cozy and comfortable home. To keep your heating system performing at its best, regular cleaning and servicing are essential. At A. Maurais and Son Inc., your trusted experts in plumbing, […]

Winter Maintenance Tips: Clearing Snow

Winter maintenance tips clearing snow blog 1 image

The Critical Role of Snow Clearance for Optimal Heating and Cooling As winter blankets the landscape in a glistening white, it’s time to look at a few important winter maintenance tips. While snowfall paints picturesque scene—but it can also pose challenges for your home’s heating and cooling systems. Neglecting to clear snow from vent pipes, […]

Protect Your Home: Winterize Outdoor Plumbing

Winter maintenance tips clearing snow blog 1 image

The Importance of Winterizing Outdoor Plumbing to Prevent Leaks and Breaks As winter approaches, many homeowners focus on keeping their homes warm and cozy inside. While indoor preparations are essential, it’s equally crucial not to overlook your outdoor plumbing. Neglecting to winterize outdoor plumbing, including removing hoses from sill faucets, can lead to costly leaks […]

Three Tips on How to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel  

For an Affordable Bathroom Remodel, Contact A Maurais & Sons, Inc. We’re offering some tips on how to save money on a bathroom remodel this month. Our plumbing contractors at A Maurais & Sons, Inc., work with you to devise a bathroom remodel that’s both affordable and appealing. That said, some ways you can keep […]

How and Why to Locate Your Shut-Off Valves

Can’t Find Your Shut-Off Valve? Ask A Maurais & Sons, Inc. It’s important to know how and why to locate your shut-off valves. Whether for the toilet, or for the house, your shut-off valves are crucial to home maintenance. You need to be able to use shut-off valves in a water-related emergency. Furthermore, you’ll need […]