FAQ's About Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Services


We know you may have a few questions about what plumbing and HVAC services you may need, and at A Maurais & Son, we are here to answer those questions for you. Don’t see an answer to your question below or want more information about a service, call us today!


Q: Why are some companies labor rates higher than others?
There can be a lot of difference between finding services for your home. A one man operation may have cheaper prices than companies with employees.

A small company like ours is able to provide you with individual attention and have more technicians and are on-call 24 hours per day. We are fully insured and have experienced and licensed technicians that know the best ways to serve your needs. Plus we have been in business for 90 years! We’ll always be here when you need us.
Q: Why do some companies estimates come in very low compared to others?
Each company bids how they see fit. We recommend getting your estimates in writing, and not giving attention to “ball park estimates”. These all too often change after they see the job. We’d also suggest making sure to compare estimates based on quality too. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”.

Remember, when you are getting estimates from different companies, make sure they are bidding “apples for apples”. Some companies under bid to get in the door, and when the job is done you have gotten poor quality products and a job half done. Ask yourself, is this company going to be there when I need them or are they just out to make a buck today.

We pride ourselves in creating accurate estimates. That means we prefer to come look at the job, diagnose the problem or get information so we can give an accurate, “no-surprise” price.Our prices are competitive based on established standards in the business, but our service is way above standard! We do not cut corners on installations and use the highest quality products to ensure the customers is getting the best quality product and workmanship for the price.We want you happy and using us for the next 90 years.
Q: If I am scheduled for a certain day am I guaranteed to keep that appointment?
We do our utmost best to keep all appointments scheduled for that day. We know your time is important. Certain times of the year we may have to reschedule due to an influx of emergency calls. We do try to prioritize the calls on emergency need based and take care of those customers who will be without water or heat. That way we can give you the emergency service you need when you are without heat and water too!
Q: How can I be sure that it will be fixed right the first time?
We offer a one-year workmanship labor warranty on everything we do. We work with the you on warranty of parts that need to be changed too. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced and committed to making sure that your problem is fixed right the first time, if not we go back free of charge!
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