Three Tips on How to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel  

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We’re offering some tips on how to save money on a bathroom remodel this month. Our plumbing contractors at A Maurais & Sons, Inc., work with you to devise a bathroom remodel that’s both affordable and appealing. That said, some ways you can keep the costs down on your bathroom remodel are:

  • Keeping Flexible Expectations
  • Trying to Maintain the Layout
  • Opting to DIY Some of the Project


 Save Money with Flexible Expectations for Your Remodel

Planning a remodel in the bathroom or elsewhere can generate lofty goals and grand dreams. While we’d never discourage creativity, it’s important to keep flexible expectations with any remodel project. Flexible expectations include choosing stock over custom bathroom fixtures, linoleum over tile flooring, and more. Also, rather than an extreme remodel of your bathroom, another flexible expectation would be trying to maintain the layout as-is.


Try to Maintain the Layout of the Bathroom to Keep Costs Down

When you maintain the layout of the bathroom as much as possible, you’ll definitely save money. Avoid moving the tub, shower, and toilet, as doing so could require expensive plumbing changes. You can still achieve a fresh, new look when you maintain the layout by installing different fixtures and flooring. We suggest that you take a snapshot before the bathroom remodel starts. That way, you can continue to maintain the layout through the project.


You’ll Save Money When You DIY Some of Your Bathroom Remodel

If you don’t know, DIY stands for “Do It Yourself.” As professional plumbing contractors, we’re ready and available to do your bathroom remodel for you from start to finish. That said, we encourage you to DIY some of the bathroom remodel to keep costs down. Some DIY steps you can take include:

  • Choosing a designer who offers “design-only” services
  • Paint, tile, or wallpaper on your own
  • Let us help you select new fixtures for those you plan to replace



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