Tips for Finding the Right Plumber

Not Every Plumber in the Yellow Pages is the Right One for You

A Maurais & Sons, Inc.’s sharing tips for finding the right plumber to close out 2022. As a family-owned company for over nine decades, A Maurais & Sons, Inc. knows what makes a reliable plumber. A no-brainer when hiring a plumber is making sure he or she has proper certifications. You’d also want to hire someone with longevity in the industry. Trustworthy plumbers don’t give estimates until they’ve assessed the problem first. Finally, ask your friends, family, and other housing professionals to give you referrals for the plumbers they use themselves.

Reliable Plumbers Have Proper Certifications

When we say “proper certifications,” we mean licensing. Keep in mind, not every state requires plumber certification and licensing. Those living in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming might have a hard time finding plumbers with certifications. To find out whether your state requires certification, visit the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical ID website.

Count on Our Experienced Plumber

Our plumbing contractor also recommends using a plumber with experience in the industry. While it’s true that every plumber has to start somewhere, some issues an experienced plumber should handle. Not everyone’s going to have the experience of A Maurais & Sons, Inc., but that’s okay. Hiring a plumber that has industry longevity for at least a couple of years will pay off in the end.

Expect an Estimate from the Plumber

Plumbers with experience and proper certifications give comprehensive estimates before agreeing to perform services. Reputable plumbers won’t give any estimate until they’ve assessed and determined the problem in your home. Before hiring a plumber to perform services, we recommend asking for a written estimate. Make sure the estimate includes part and labor costs.

Find the Right Plumber with Personal and Professional Referrals

Seeing a plumber’s qualifications on paper isn’t the same as finding out first-hand if you’re getting reliable services. The best way to know that is getting referrals, both personally and professionally. Personal referrals come from your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Professional referrals are those that come from contractors, electricians, real estate agents, and your local municipality’s elected officials.

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